1:1 Coaching With Adele Brimâge

Where Possibilities Meets Certainty

All my coaching packages are for women who are no longer willing to do their life by someone else's criteria.

They desire more and are ready to let their soul and their desires lead the way, to create their best life. They desire a life that lights them up, that's filled with passion, joy, and clarity, and are no longer willing to settle for anything else. They are committed and beyond ready to step fully into the woman they came here to be, to feel unwavering confidence in themselves and in all areas of their life. They're done playing small and allowing old fears and doubts or any limitations to affect their divine sacred soul

So Heres How It Works

Step 1

You choose the package that at this time feels right for you. You can upgrade from shorter to longer packages 

Step 2

You will begin your 1:1 coaching with an in-depth welcome + prep pack, so we are both crystal clear on what you require and the areas that you desire to up-level and shift in your life, you will then know exactly what you're going to create. By doing this you will highlight any areas where you are not energetically congruent with what you are desiring to create. This clarity will provide you with an opportunity to release what's currently getting in your way and change old patterns of being, feeling, thinking and believing, and tap into the frequency of who you truly are. The tools provided in our sessions will make it easy for you to implement any necessary changes. You will find a new level of confidence in yourself, a new level of ease, happiness, and joy in your life, and daily be eager to work on what's going on internally for you. As you do this your external world will fall inline and change.

Step 3

In our first 90-minute session together, we will deep dive into your big vision for what you desire. You will have the tools from this session to begin to shift your life in the direction you desire, you will feel elevated and be inspired.  Your frequency will have changed and you will begin to see that it's not just available but there for you now, and begin to feel excited and energised for the weeks ahead.

Step 4

Each session that we have together you will leave feeling more in tune with who you truly are. You will experience certainty and confidence in yourself and your desires, you will know that they are possible maybe for the first time. The  things that were showing up in your life will have started to change for the better, and with each session, you will calibrate more to the woman who knows what she desires and why she desires it and internally is embodying the woman who you know already lives inside you, that you are now releasing more and more each day, creating your new norm

As a 1:1 Client, you will have access to:

  •  An In-Depth welcome + prep pack

  • A 90 min Initial coaching session

  • Six 60 min sessions

  • Material to continue your continual up-levelling between sessions

  • Communication direct with Adele between sessions through her private number

  • All sessions take place via Zoom, and you will receive replays of all

  • All sessions + support is completely personalised to you

Our sessions together are less about what you receive and more about who you are now choosing to be, who you become in the process when you are calibrated to a new level of how you are doing your life, what you are telling yourself, and how you are showing up, which changes your experience and your results forever.

So if you’re ready to awaken your NOW, and step fully into your best life, to be elevated into a new empowering level of being and lifestyle … this is for you

If you’re ready to say a resounding YES to fully doing your life your way, knowing you can't get it wrong, and it's all always working out for you … then this is for you

If you’re ready to each and every day let your life feel better + better … this is for you

If you're done playing life small, and want a mentor who can help you to see that what you desire is possible, and will provide you with the tools to achieve it, who can assist you to LIVE it … this is for you

6 Months 1:1 Coaching

Option 1: Payment in full $5,178

Option 2: 3 Payments of $1,746

Initial Payment today $1,746 then...

30 days time - $1,746

60 days time - $1746

Click Below To Email Me Directly With Any Questions + Begin Your 1:1 Journey Today

Please be aware that when you are choosing to book 1:1 coaching that you are agreeing to the Coaching Terms of Service, that protect both parties.

All payment plans must be completed in full and there are no refunds

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